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  • Scheme Reviews (GARS)*

  • Acquirer Optimisation Review

  • Government and Regulatory Body Readiness

  • Audits

* access through certified affiliated partners

Fraud & Risk Strategies
  • Acquirer Strategy Development

  • Systemic Overview & Review Process

  • Operational Enhancements

  • Fraud and Transaction Monitoring

Business Strategy Development
  • Business Optimisation

  • Business & Sales Development

  • Market Entry Strategies & Development

  • Access to Specialist Staff Placement

Investor Relations
  • Analysing Investor Needs

  • Access to PEs and VCs

Abstract Paper Craft
"Neil is very professional in the field of transaction risk monitoring. He helped us find a cost-effective 3Ds supplier in the market. He assisted in the negotiations and has a very efficient work style. We look forward to more cooperation opportunities with his new company in the future."

- Anna Hu, CEO, GlobePay

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