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A PAYMENTS industry expert has further expanded his international network after joining a unique ‘ecosystem’ which provides insight for business leaders.

Neil Smith has more than 30 years in the payments industry and has worked for many international companies throughout his career.

Now, just months after forming his own consultancy firm - HDX Global - which specialises in Payments, Strategy, Fraud, Risk and Compliance – Neil has recognised the value of HDX Global becoming a member of Vendorcom.

Vendorcom connects seekers, solvers and shapers within the global merchant payments ecosystem. Through its Briefings, Forums, and Working Groups, members gain up-to-date information on all payment types and channels across all merchant sectors whilst at the same time providing collaborative opportunities to deliver positive future impact.

“To see HDX Global become a member of Vendorcom so soon after its formation is something I am really proud of,” says Neil.

“Our industry is forever changing due to new technologies, standards and regulations and we all need to ensure we are up-to-date and on the ball when working within our own businesses to maintain efficient and secure systems.

“Vendorcom will not only allow me to share my expertise with others in the community, but also gain valuable insights myself. The more we can all share information, the more innovative and successful our collaborations will be.

“I am very much looking forward to meeting more industry leaders - whether they are in large corporations or smaller businesses - we are all here to share credible and relevant information to enable growth.”

Paul Rodgers, chair of Vendorcom, said: “We are delighted HDX Global has chosen to join Vendorcom. Neil’s experience of Vendorcom from previous roles will allow HDX Global to fast track its impact in the merchant payments ecosystem – both within the activities of the Vendorcom community and directly with clients. We know that by keeping their finger on the ever-changing pulse of the merchant payments ecosystem, members deliver greater value.

“Neil’s independent, authoritative voice will help bring an even more authentic, well-rounded perspective to the community. Having worked with Neil for many years I know he, and the wider HDX Global team, will be a real asset to the community and other members will soon see that too.”

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